Deck & Porch Construction

Build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Building a deck or porch is about improving your life and enhancing your home. Fontaine Construction only builds decks and porches in an architecturally correct manner and in a way that matches the rest of your home. We will recommend a quality line of vinyl composite decking materials. or use the kind of insect and decay resistant wood you desire for your porch or deck.

Over the years, we have expanded our outdoor offerings so our clients enjoy enduring beauty with hassle-free maintenance. You and your family and friends can enjoy the very best of wood-alternative decking. Stairs and railing systems are custom built to give you the versatility you want for your outdoor living.

We’re kind of picky when it comes to building decks and porches. For starters, we will always dig 4 feet down and lay down a true foundation for firm, long lasting footing. We always incorporate proper flashing against the home’s exterior in addition to using durable deck braces and through bolts.

You can choose from our quality decking, railing and stairs from such leading manufacturers as Trex,
Azek Deck and Timbertech.