Exterior Siding & Trim

Siding and trim fitted to insulate and protect, not just cover up.

Fontaine Construction installs siding to preserve your home and seal the areas where moisture and dirt can get in and cause problems. We carefully flange around windows and joints. This acts as a durable flashing for lasting protection from the elements.

Some contractors will simply “cover and cap” to hide wood rot and other potential problems. Fontaine Construction removes old siding and inspects all surfaces before we install new siding and trim. If we find rot, we can fix it on the spot. The finished job will help preserve the beauty and structural integrity of your home for decades.

We use only premium materials from such respected manufacturers as Alside and Mastic. These suppliers offer top vinyl siding brands like Royal and Ply Gem.

It’s important for our clients to know that when we drive by a building that we sided 10 years ago, it will still look great and keep the owner happy for years to come.

For energy efficiency and beauty, Fontaine Construction will be second to no other company when it comes to protecting the exterior of your home.