Remodeling Services

Remodel your home to reflect your lifestyle.

You envision a beautiful and more functional new kitchen, or maybe an upgraded master bath, finished basement, family room or other living space. If you need a new garage or more room added for your vehicles and gear, we’ll build it to suit your requirements. Fontaine Construction aims to make your home your castle and we ensure that only the highest standards of home building and remodeling practices are applied.

We offer custom basements, porches, kitchens, living and dining areas and much more. While the project is underway, we work very hard to keep the impact or disruption to a minimum. Our remodeling goal is to bring your project to life and maximize your investment.

Rot Repair Expertise

Sometimes we find hidden rot while working on a job and other times homeowners discover it and call us to discuss a solution to fix it. While often called “dry rot,” water is most often the enemy to structural wood, siding and other wooden building components.

Fungi and molds grow on moist wood causing decay. It’s very important to discover and seal off any sources of moisture that can invade your home’s structure. Removing the rot and replacing the wood is only a first step. Sealing off moisture sources to the entire area is important and to keep it dry, which may also involve ensuring proper ventilation. Being thorough about all of these steps will prevent future rot issues. Fontaine Construction offers specialized expertise in fixing rot problems and we welcome your calls if you have any concerns or questions regarding rot repair.