About Fontaine Construction

Your house is your castle, regardless of where it’s located or what you paid for it. That’s why “good enough” is not good enough for Fontaine Construction. For our crews, “generally acceptable” quality standards just won’t cut it. Excellence in workmanship is the requirement. Thoroughness and best possible craftsmanship are the watch words that guide every project we do.

Every employee and subcontractor must live up to our highly disciplined standards or they are off the job. In the long run, this serves us very well because it serves our clients with superior finished work that lasts longer and adds more value to their real estate. Perhaps this is why we’re so busy all the time. Word gets around. “Best quality work” is more than a phrase to Fontaine Construction. For us, it’s a way of life.

Our History

Fontaine Construction was started about 15 years ago by Ryan Fontaine and was primarily a vinyl siding installation company which catered to builders and contractors. As we have evolved over the years, we still do vinyl siding, but offer many other services as well. We no longer just cater to builders and contractors, but to homeowners as well.

We have added services such as window installations, metal roof applications, remodels and custom porches. Ryan has always strived to give people the best possible quality at a reasonable price.

If we don’t do the full scope of work you need we are always happy to refer you to the right trades’ people to get your job done right.